Denied access to an Extension?

I want to add captions and figures nos to illustrations.

I go Wiki Administration > Extensions > Extensions > Figure Macro 11.6

I click on [Install ]

I get Access denied when checking [programming] access to [Wiki veszi] for user [xwiki:XWiki.alsekers]

Is this because we are a not-for-profit user using the free version? (For which we are very grateful :wink: )

I think it is just because the user with which you tried to install the extension (xwiki:XWiki.alsekers) has Admin Rights, but not “Programming” rights, and the extension require the latter as it needs to install some pages that require these “Programming” rights.

Do you also have an account with programming rights to retry?

It’s not so much because it’s free but because the wikis are on the same instance so you don’t have programming right for security reasons (i.e. not mess with other wikis). I just installed the figure macro for the whole, you should be able to use it now.

You can install XAR extensions on because the wiki pages will be saved with your own rights wikis but JAR extension can do too many things so they require programming right.

Thank you so very much. ~ I have just tried it and the extension works well. . I understand and appreciate the reason for the caution exactly. Perhaps in time as the XWiki project matures, there will need to be a conceptual level for permissions located between newbies and programmers.