Deny self registration, allow only ldap authentication

Hi everybody
I’ve installed Xwiki v9.11.8. Also I configured the LDAP authentification over the “xwiki.cfg” and it works fine.
In our company network you don’t need to login. You can see the content. But you can login over ldap authentification to edit the page’s. Thats all okey.
But now I want to disable the local registration button in the xWiki menu.

If I disable the “Registration”-checkbox in the rights settings, new domain users can’t login.
And I saw also the Local “Admin” can’t login.

How can I configure this?

Thank you for your help.

If you have Active Directory and run XWiki on a Windows server, you can use the Waffle Java libraries to allow single sign-on (SSO) using Windows integrated authentication to XWiki. See the following:

In this configuration you set the xwiki.authentication.ldap.group_mapping setting in xwiki.cfg to something like this:

  XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup=CN=XWiki Admins,OU=Groups,OU=DC=fabrikam,DC=local|\

We use a configuration like this in our organization and it works very nicely.

hi bstewart
this looks exactly like this what we need. I will try out this configuration. I hope it will work :slight_smile:
thank you