Dependencies installation

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I am currently working in xwiki with offline mode…and i need to install all the dependencies files…so now i decided to download all dependencies through online mode using other computer(means using xwiki demo flavor and install all needed extensions) the then now i going to copy all the dependencies in lib folder of online xwiki to my offline xwiki…(lib folder)…will that work?

I think the question is clear…else please give me a reply for more clarification…

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Hello sir…
I m waiting for your reply…you are replying to others topics… Please consider my topic too…

I hope you’re joking. Nobody has any obligation to reply to you… The community members reply when they want it, to whom they want and in their own time.

If you want guaranteed response time, see

Hint: Help others, contribute and others will be most likely to help you.

Another hint: read existing forum posts and answers. Your question has been answered a lot of times already and it seems you didn’t even try to find the solution for it. Nor google since you get the answer when you google for “xwiki offline”.

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I think u did’t read my question…i not asking about traditional way for dependencies installation…i cant find this same question anywhere… There is some questions and articles about offline installation…but it doesn’t seems like my question…:roll_eyes: