Deploy sources alongs with compiled jars on snapshots

Hi everyone,

I noticed that we currently never deploy our sources artefacts on the CI when we deploy our jars on snapshots and I’d like to propose to change that for xwiki-commons and rendering.

The reason is that I have three separated environment in my IDE (IntelliJ) for xwiki-commons, xwiki-rendering and xwiki-platform. So when I’m working on platform and I want to use a class from commons, I can use the internal decompiler to see the class, but the comments and javadoc are stripped. There’s an IntelliJ option to download automatically sources but obviously it doesn’t work on snapshot.
Right now my process is often to open the right environment to check what’s specified in the actual source.

I could propose to deploy the javadoc instead of the sources since it’s often the javadoc that I need, but I checked quickly on and it appears that the jar for javadoc is actually heavier.


  • pros: would be quite handy to be able to rely to the sources on the IDE automatically when working with snapshots dependencies
  • cons: could take some space on our nexus, using it only for rendering and commons should mitigate this though

I propose to do that only for commons and rendering, since I think it’s the most common usecase. For platform, we are generally in the same environment.

A strong +1 for me. I currently have platform, common and rendering opened in a single intellij project for this exact reason.