Descriptor->Homepage does not work


I would like to set another page as “landing page” than the standard “Main” page. I went to Descriptor->Homepage and selected a page from the menu. Unfortunately, It does not work. When I only give the URL to my wiki still the “Main” page opens.

Could you point me towards something I do wrong?

I would like to have a look for yourself, but unfortunately I don’t get how I can let users that are not logged in see the side:

The documentation for this is here:

When I tried changing it on my own wiki to test it, loading the wiki still always took me to the “Home” page no matter what I chose in these settings, but the home url link under the logo was changed to the page I had set in the administration settings.

So, I am not sure what the use of this setting is actually for.

If you want people to see the page who are not logged in, you have to set the permissions on the page to allow unregistered users view rights.

You can do that from the page rights administration:
Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 21.40.46

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 21.41.25

WDYM by loading the wiki? If you mean https://<domain>/xwiki then yes, it currently still redirects you to https://<domain>/xwiki/bin/view/Main. See [XWIKI-12499] Redirect to Wiki's home page when using http://<server>/xwiki/ - JIRA

I’ve updated to be more clear about it.


I should have more correctly said, “load the wiki home page”.

Your updated documentation now makes the behaviour clear.

Changing the home page has the following effect:

  • When clicking on the logo, you’ll be redirected to the new home page
  • When clicking the home icon in the breadcrumb, you’ll be redirected to the new home page