Detailed installation instructions

Good day all,

This is the installation layout I would like to achieve and I would like to get it bang on perfect because in relation to my other post: Community documentation I would like to video the process.

Base System: FreeBSD
Java: javac 1.8.0_172
TomCat: tomcat9-9.0.7
XWiki target: Latest stable
Upstream proxy: Nginx
Backing database: postgresql10-server-10.4_1

For mostof this stuff instructions are not required(freebsd/java/postgres) I have already got that bit :slight_smile: and I am fairly competent with nginx as well, its tomcat and XWiki I am a little lost on the correct order of setup

But I would like it so there is a primary domain ‘’ this will be basically for ‘GLOBAL administrators’ notes and so, (This actually already exists but I cannot get it into the right configuration)

From that there will be a few sibling wikis, notable:

These will all have their own administrators, but will also inherit the administrators from

Standard users should be global anyone can login to any site with their email/pass

Auth should be via email verification (already configured, adding for completeness) or alternatively gmail/github (Oauth)[Not done]

New users should be able to view any articles without issue but should not be able to comment or edit unless that specific article is set by an administrator to be anonymously editable/commentable

I would also like the domains to be ‘tidy’ instead of (if you visit you will see the: /wiki/bin/view/Main/ path, the home should be simply

As a note I am aware each one of these trivialities has documentation somewhere, but I can never seem to just pull them off quite right. I think what I am asking for is likely similar to what most deployments would want(?) except the freebsd bit, but as this is java that should not really matter.

– Cheers, paul

addendum: I would also like it so people of the following domains automatically get VETO/Editor rights in each corrosponding wiki … (I am sure you get the picture)

You seem to be wanting “Short URLs”, see

If you want to write some installation tutorial, you could start one in and once it’s done comment here to ask for a review for example.

Then we could link it from



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I will certainly give it my best shot :slight_smile:

In case someone else stumbles across this like I did here is how you add the option for the / :
echo 'org.apache.tomcat.util.buf.UDecoder.ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH=true' >> /etc/tomcat8/

Thanks, see for more details.

Ah cool thanks guys, I will have to have a run through and see how far through the setup I get this weekend