Development of New XWiki Extension

Hi Users,

Am currently working on creating an extension for “Link Preview”, where the user provides an url and the extension process those and display the title & description with image of it.

Am very new to this plafform, since it is Java & Maven Architecture.

I have followed this example macro from this link.

Tools Used
IDE: Eclipse Luna

Deployment Process

I can able to generate JAR file. Am definitely have no idea of of runtime classpath & Input to the XWiki Rendering parser?

Could someone please help me out?

Should be more clear now.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Can i know which is the Best Tool for creating, debugging & deploying xwiki extended macro

Not sure there is a best tool. Some of the core devs use Eclipse and other IntelliJ IDEA to develop and debug things.

We usually deploy extensions on a Maven repositories (so the deploy tool would be Maven). You should take a look at if you plan to publish your extensions so that others can install it with Extension Manager.