Diagram application extension installation on 14.x

I want to bring our Drawio schemes inside XWiki (version 14.6 will probably move to a 14.10.x in a month), and saw that there’s an extension that does this: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Diagram%20Application

But if I search it from within our XWiki instance, only the Pro version comes out:

If I click that All compatible extensions it does show up: does the extension have any problem?

I found this old post that talks about that XWiki 12.7 released - #2 by jmiba but it’s not clear whether it will work now.

Oh, just saw that there are compatibility issues:

Out of curiosity, has it been considered adding a viewer/reader only version? Actually, I do not need to edit diagrams inside the wiki, just showing it from, e.g., an attachment would be fine.

I decided to give it a try.

It actually seems to work: I’ve succesfully created a new page with a diagram (saw the new Diagram template).

And even importing a Draw.io diagram works, with a little tweaking:

  • I had to export the schema to XML
  • remove everything outside <mxGraphModel /> tags
  • add a Diagram.DiagramClass class to the page (I actually left emptry its SVG value though)

AFAIK no, but if you don’t need to interact with the diagram in view mode (e.g. click on some area of the diagram) then you can export the diagrams as SVG, attach them to a wiki page and show them as images (using the image syntax).

Thanks, I posted that question before I actually tried the extension, when I thought I could have faced incompatibilities due to the Jira entry I found.