Diagram Application in the XWiki Playground

We are currently on a very old version of XWiki (5.4.3) and we are looking into upgrading.

I want to see how the Diagram Application works in the Xwiki Playground, but it looks like it’s not installed.

Can I install this application in some way?

Hi, you cannot.

But you can download the xwiki demo package (zip) and install the extension in it. Takes a few seconds. Or use the docker image. Or take a cloud demo instance on XWiki Cloud.

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Small note: the diagram app you mentioned has not been maintained by anyone for a long time. XWiki SAS has a pro version with a lot more features and bugs fixed if you’re interested, see https://store.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/DiagramApplication

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Hi. I have a quick question regarding pro versions of extensions. Sorry to hijack this thread.
Please don’t take this to mean that I’m averse to paying for great software, in fact I already licence several pro extensions. I just wanted to clarify something.
Is all the pro code that can be found in the SAS xwiki repository on Github all paid for software? In other words, if I compile it, will it have the licencing restrictions applied?
Just thought I would check before I went to all the trouble of compiling and installing pro extensions. If all that code is, by design, locked without licencing, then I will only licence the extensions that I really absolutely need.
Sorry if that sounds churlish - Im all for financially supporting where I can - and this is great software. Im a refugee from Confluence and in the current climate need to be frugal!
Thanks in advance.

@gtothill all paid apps provided by XWiki SAS are Open Source and their code can be found in public repos within the xwikisas GitHub organization. By purchasing a license you get access to support and most importantly you contribute to the development of the XWiki Open Source project.

Yes, because XWiki SAS releases these paid apps directly from their public GitHub repos. So the code you get when you install a paid app is exactly the code you can find on these public repos. You’re free to modify the code to remove the license restrictions and do your custom build, provided you respect the LGPL 2.1 license.

FTR, here’s the forum post that introduced the concept: Moving some extensions as paying extensions

@vmassol and @mflorea - thank you for your clear and informative answers. They are much appreciated. We have subsequently registered further extensions. Thank you and the team for such a robust and effective platform. As above, I have migrated away from Confluence and couldn’t be happier. I use XWiki every day and it makes me hugely productive.

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Thanks a lot @gtothill for your message. This helps us continue the work and improve XWiki! I’ve taken the liberty to post your testimonial on https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Feedback/Testimonials I hope it’s ok with you.

@vmassol - of course, its a pleasure. In fact the last one we licensed was the Diagrams Pro extension. Its very slick and the draw.io integration is seamless. Although perhaps intuitively it shouldn’t make a difference, actually working on complex flowcharts from within XWiki, being able to save them logically in the Wiki’s structure and being able to directly link to other wiki nodes is extraordinarily powerful. Thanks again, Geoff.