Different theme for different users not align

Can anyone please solve this for me, I am not able to under why it is happening. I have chosen the Yeti theme but my users are not able to see this theme. When I login It’s absolutely fine but when my users login it’s different.
Also, I am not able to customize my theme. Whenever I change the color of the Button and click on save and view it’s not changing.
please help me out


I have also tried to clear the catch but did not worked


I just tried it on XWiki 13.4 but going to the administration, then the Themes page of the Look & Feel section.
Then, I selected Yeti in the color theme list and clicked save.
The theme is instantaneously changed for the current user, and switching to a different user (in the same browser or another browser) also shows the Yeti theme.

This is probably an issue with you configuration, we just need to find out what’s causing this issue :slight_smile:

Some questions to try to indentify the issue:

  • How did you set the default theme for your wiki?
  • Could you also describe the steps to change the color of the button?


Yes for selecting the theme, I went to Administration - Look and feel - Color theme - Iceberg

For changing button
clicked on customization - selected the color code and save and preview
even after clicking on save and preview is not working.
Yes, might be config but I am not able to understand what I did wrong, from history I even tried to restore the theme but that too didn’t work.

If possible can we connect on a google meet or Zoom, this is my project and I really need some help

Iceberg theme User are seeing

Iceberg theme I visible to me, in user logo can’t be seen or the color is not matching


everything is solved now, all I did is gave theme rights to allxwikiusers .

  • List item : Now another problem is every time I customize my theme and change any button I have to clear the catch to reflect changes.

  • List item : Notification Macro does not show the notification for specific page. How to conifg this, I have UserPrefrance to false, display my event and display minor event to true then also not working
    why this happening?

  • List item : Can we reduce the shape and size box notification, for eg I want to reduce the size of the box, pencil, square boxes?