Disable access for group- and profile-pages

hi community,
i actually got some problems with access rights in our xwiki. The xwiki is use for documentation of our software and communication to our customers. our structure looks like this:

  1. software
    1.1 manual
  2. client 1
  3. client 2

section 1 is visible for all xWiki-users. section 2 & 3 is visible for the specific clients. that work’s fine.
Each customer has any number of users who have access to the respective area. The problem: How to disable group pages and profile pages for the respective user groups? We do not want a customer to see a user or group of another customer in the system. Neither about the search nor about the page tree under xWiki. If I want to set rights on the pages, this is only possible in the main directory “xWiki”. But there are also important functions, such as the search page, you can not completely remove the rights.
What can we do?