Discard changes performed for XWIKI-15814

Hi everyone,

I’m opening this vote after a discussion on the chat, to propose discarding the changes done for https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-15814.
This discussion is related to a recent regression opened in https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-19190.

To sum up a bit the discussions: basically XWIKI-15814 introduced a change in the way we handle notifications filters in case useUserPreferences="false" parameter is used, to includes the filters related to the followed users. The main goal was to be able to display the messages related to the followed users, however this changes also imply getting the activities of all followed users.

For a more global overview of the debugging of XWIKI-19190 you can read back the chat here: You're invited to talk on Matrix

I’m opening the vote for 48h since I’m hoping to close XWIKI-19190 for the release of XWiki 13.10.1. So it will be closed thursday 9th december at 18:00.

Here my +1 to discard the changes.

+1 to rollback. useUserPreferences=false is supposed to be used to get global notifications for the {{activity}} macro.

As the one who has written the fix for XWIKI-15814 I think it is still makes sense to show personal messages in the notifications macro if it is global in scope (i.e. no restriction on certain pages or spaces/subtrees of pages given).
However that the change for XWIKI-15814 also shows changes by a followed user outside the scope of a location restriction when such a restriction is defined is clearly a bug for me and thus the changes for XWIKI-15814 are incorrect.

I also remember that my attempt to fix the issue in XWIKI-15814 do not contribute to make the code less complex, to put it mildly. (Said otherwise, it is quite a bad hack.) Also I have no good idea to rectify the situation in a way that personal messages are only shown if no location filter is applied (except for making the hack even more complicated).

So I am ok with rolling back and discarding that fix. From a user point of perspective it might be explainable as “messages send privately to you should only show up in your personal notifications, not in a list to show all globally (visible) events.” This is also kind of a kludge, but less worse that a complicated and buggy “fix” in the code.

+0 from me (not a +1 solely for the reason that my workload is too high that I cannot see how to contribute reasonably to fix it. sorry :frowning: )

I’m not sure I agree with this. I believe we need a mode where everyone sees the same events. We could have what you want but possibly with another parameter so that all use cases are possible.


Hi everyone,

so 4 people expressed on this topic, we received 3 +1 and 1 +0 so the vote is accepted.
Closing it and I’m gonna rollback the changes of XWIKI-15814.

Thanks everyone.