Displaying creation and modification dates problem

Hello everybody!

I have a problem: when I creating and editing pages, as well as downloading attachments, everyone shows the same creation and modification date. The date of installation of XWiki is shown.

How fix it?

XWiki Jetty HSQLDB 12.10.7

I cannot reproduce. I tested with XWiki 13.6 and the new page I created has the current date and time.

I used 12.10.7 :wink:
May be update to 12.10.9 help me?

I don’t think it’ll change anything since there’s no known issue about your problem. But you should always use the latest LTS.

upgrade to 12.10.9 didn’t help
all the same

Hi @VAFERus , I’m on 12.10.7. I don’t see any problem here.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 172928

What could be the problem, what to watch?

I don’t see this problem on 12.10.7 in the first place.

I’m on the jetty XWiki instance without any specific configuration. In your case, you can check out the logs maybe. See: Logging (XWiki.org)

Maybe put this in a wiki page and verify that the returned date and time is ok:

Current date/time: $datetool
Last modified date of Main.WebHome: $xwiki.getDocument('Main.WebHome').date

Try editing and saving the home page of the wiki and verify the script displays the right date.

Where are the page template files?
I couldn’t find them.

@VAFERus, You just need to put the velocity code that Vincent has given you above while editing any page in ‘wiki mode’ and then you can save it to check the modification date and time.

See: Page Editing (XWiki.org) for more info.