Distribution wizard hangs when installing Xwiki standard flavour (Resolving extension dependency issue)

I’m on the distribution wizard page, trying to install the Xwiki standard flavour (part 2 of distribution wizard setup).

The installation is currently stuck at the following issue and has been so for 30 mins:

Resolving extension dependency [org.webjars:bootstrap-tour-0.12.0] on namespace [Home]

What should I do? Close the browser, restart tomcat and try to install the Xwiki UI again (Will this method cause any serious disruptions to the xwiki setup? Why is the installation stuck at that part, and how do I solve it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could check the xwiki logs and see if you see any errors or warnings there.

Hard to say without more information. The most likely reason is that your connection to extensions.xwiki.org or nexus.xwiki.org was broken or slow. Another reason could be that nexus.xwiki.org was not responding at the time.

I think you could simply stop xwiki an restart it but it would be good to check the logs.

Was XWiki able to resolve other dependencies before this message?

Hi, apparently after i went through this process a few times: closed the browser > restarted tomcat > entered http://localhost:8080 > xwiki installation loads some more before it gets stuck again, the entire distribution wizard installation process finally succeeded, and it resolved all dependencies.