Docker SocialAuth

Hi Guys,

I think I’m being a muppet here, but I’m looking to implement the Social Login extension, but I seem to be having some issues editing/creating the relevant files it requires under “For versions 2.0 and above”

I’ve done docker exec -it Xwiki /bin/bash, but I’m unable to find a text editor (vi or nano) that’s installed so that I may create said files.

I’ve tried looking for the relevant folders like web-inf and teamplates within the Xwiki-Data volume (using du -h), but I can only find it within the container itself (with bin/bash).

My current docker-compose file is here:

Any pointers would be great for this muppet!

Thanks for reposting it there :slight_smile:

Hmm I might have made a mistake when I replied to you on jira, the Xwiki-Data directory is about the permanent data of XWiki, not about accessing the jars.
I’m not quite sure we have an option to mount a volume for it.

Yes it’s the smallest possible image, so you won’t have many tools, now you can easily install them with an apt-get command:

apt-get update && apt-get install vi

Oh! I honestly wasn’t aware I could do/didn’t even try apt-get! Definitely where the ID10T issue came in!

I’ll give that a whirl! Thank you!

It might be worthwhile investigating if we can get a small text editor (nano for example is around 2mb once installed, whilst vim, with runtimes and common files comes to around 30mb), for things like this (granted, we could fork our own image, but this could be a bugger each time we need to push out an extension that is non-standard as such - plus, updates may also be a slight bugger).

Works perfectly, thank you very much!