Document classification & review


Some documentation on our wiki has to comply with our information security policies, hence it is needed to add a standard block of information on those pages, containing:

  • Confidentiality level (confidential, internal use, public)
  • Last formal review date
  • Name of the reviewer

My first goal is to find an easy way to add such a block to the pages where it is needed. (But not to all pages!) The second goal is to be able to easily update the information once the document is reviewed.

I tried to create a macro where the date and user name are automatically filled. However, a macro is executed every time the page is rendered, so I end up with the date and user name being always today and always te current user, as opposed to the date of the review and the name of the user that conducted the review. This is clearly not the way to go.

Another option I can think of is to create a template. That would probably work for new pages, but not for existing pages. Or would it? And how would updating the data after a new review be easy in that case?

I hope someone in the community has experience with this sort of problem. Suggestions are highly appreciated!

Best regards,
Bart Kummel


We have the same need as well. We haven’t found a good solution yet. We’ve thought of having some kind of “patrolling” extension where moderators would mark pages as reviewed or patrolled. I am curious to see other recommendations and replies!

We have implemented this and it works nicely. Don’t have time to give you a full description at the moment, but can give you a few pointers.

  • Use an XClass to contain the extra metadata
  • Create a macro to display it or edit the skin templates to display input fields
  • Use server side validation to stop people not in a certain user group from editing the date and name of approval
  • Use an event listener to apply rights based on metadata (i.e. if it’s not present display only for last author)

Hope that helps