Document Content Translations

Hey all,

In my org I’ve been tasked with adding localization to our Wiki. I followed along this guide Internationalization ( and setup my Wiki to be multilingual with some selected languages such as French and Spanish to start.

Seeing translated content via localization script service & is not an issue.

However for the section with ‘Page Translations’ I am not seeing a the “Translate” button for any of my wiki pages under any locale.
Furthermore, how would I go about creating a translated Wiki page?

I even tried setting my default locale (in my own dev env) to Spanish, creating a page and editing it. I can see in the DB that the XWD_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE=es for that page. However when switching my locale to English by appending ?lanaguge=en, I do not see any “Translate” button.

I would like my customers to be able to translate their own pages and create different langauge versions for their pages.

Perhaps the devs who worked on this Wiki previously removed some core Localization funcitonality. If anyone could point me towards the right direction, or where XWiki handles this translate button in code that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

BTW I am on XWiki 8.4.4


so I might be wrong but AFAIR the translate button is displayed only if you’re looking on a page that has a different locale than your browser and the multilingual feature is enabled.

Now you don’t need to use this “translate” button to create a translation: you should be able to create it by looking on the information tab which might provide information about the missing translations.