Documentation: Front-end Resources page

Hi! Must we change the Velocity code of the first example in the page? The paragraph before says we must expect an example of the date picker, and the box contents something related with pages suggest:


Would it better to simply pointing to Date Time Picker? Thanks!

I’ve fixed the doc, thanks!

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Hi! I’m still lost with Front-end Resources. I’m afraid I don’t understand what does “request the inclusion” mean here:


If I copy this snippet in a XWiki page, I get nothing. And I can include any snippet calling any suggester, suggest pages as well, without needing to include suggestPages.js.

If I understand correctly, the first paragraph on Suggest Widget says that the libraries required by the suggesters are bundled by default with XWiki.

Please, where am I lost? Thanks

Well this should add the proper <script> HTML element in the HTML. If you mean nothing visible sure, that’s not the purpose :wink:

I’m not sure, but that’s probably because you have the navigation panel in your wiki and it uses some suggest and thus draws it in. For example if you use http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Sandbox/?xpage=plain you won’t get it.

My understanding is that it’s bundled in XWiki. But bundled doesn’t mean it’s used by default on all pages! See the doc on which says:

Some of the resources presented in here are not included by default with all HTML-rendered wiki pages (it would be too much to send to the client!). You have to request their inclusion from a skin template or from the wiki page itself using the jsfx plugin


@vmassol, thanks for the detailed answer!

It does! Thanks!

I won’t! Understood!

Got it!

The use of words as resource, external or internal, component. library and some other are a bit confusing to me. I understand that those pages are not orientated to regular users, but to developers. But even in this case, I feel confused. For instance, in the the Front-end Resources page, at the very beginning, there are two bulleted paragraphs reading:

  • External Libraries
  • Internal components (based or not on some of the external libraries)

But the main headings below read External resources and Internal resources. Won’t be clearer to match the headings with the bulleted entries?

As far as I understand, all resources listed/described in Front-end Resources ar bundled with XWiki. And the process of integration of external/not bundled JavaScript libraries is documented in Integrating JavaScript Libraries. If the above is correct, I miss a link from Integrating JavaScript Libraries to Front-end Resources and a brief explanation noting the huge capabilities of integration XWiki offers.


I don’t understand where you see this. On I only see 2 top level headings.

Yes that’s true (even if some resources can be packaged inside XWiki Extensions - but in this case they’re usually documented in that extension and not here).


I don’t understand why. There’s already a link from to

There’s no need for the other way around as the later is a nested page of the first one, meaning you can navigate to the parent in the breadcrumb for example. I also don’t see why would the later need to have a link to the main page.

Thanks though, I’m happy to help improve the doc!

So do I. I’m proposing to match these to bulleted paragraphs at the beginning of the page…


To read the same as the 2 top level headings

Would be great to have a single full inventory of available resources for a XWiki instance?

OK. I didn’t notice the parent-child relationship between both pages. But even in this case, if you land in the page Integrating JavaScript Libraries, it would be useful to link to its parent in the text.