documentTree: openTo node: do not open children

Hello all,

Our users find the documentTree macro really nice. The wiki being made is a handbook and thus one main documentTree is vital. They even use two of them: one of them on the navigation panel, and one of them inside the pages (actually: the children macro, which calls documentTree).

I already started to fork our Navigation panel but I couldn’t find a way to follow the execution threads so as to deactivate the following behaviour: the navigation macro selects the node designed by the openTo using a slightly grey background. That shows where we are and is absolutely sensible. What it also does, I think in a subsequent step, is to open this hierarchy node, so that the children are also displayed. Our users prefer the children to be displayed inside the page, for the intro page of a chapter as can be seen in the attached screenshot. Thus one should disable the subsequent step of opening the node’s children.

How can I search the velocity and javascript mix, so that I can disable this subsequent step?

thanks in advance.