Does Xwiki have a CRM integration?

I know there is a tutorial how to create a simple people management app using Apps in minutes, but that is not suitable for a larger use case/network.

Does Xwiki integrate with an open source or other CRM app?

I know that XWiki SAS had a CRM application they were using internally but I don’t think they took the time to bundle it as an extension.

Xwiki does not directly integrate with any open source or other CRM app out of the box. However, there are a few ways to achieve integration between Xwiki and a CRM app.

1. Use XWiki’s REST API

XWiki provides a REST API that can be used to create custom integrations with other applications. Using the REST API, you could develop a plugin or script that would allow XWiki to exchange data with a CRM app.

2. Use a third-party integration tool

There are a number of third-party integration tools that can be used to connect XWiki to other applications. These tools typically use connectors or adapters to connect to different applications and can be used to map data between XWiki and the CRM app.

3. Develop a custom integration

If you have the development resources, you can develop a custom integration between XWiki and the CRM app. This would involve writing code to connect to both XWiki and the CRM app, and to map data between the two systems.

You can also create your CRM app if your needs are simple, see and especially