Don't create automatic redirect on renaming a page

When renaming a page, the checkbox Create an automatic redirect is checked per default. Is there a way to turn this behaviour off globally?

I’m aware that the autoRedirect url-parameter can be used to turn this off, but I’m looking for a permanent solution as I had trouble with the redirection pages in the past.

As a workaround, I changed the velocity-template renameStep1.vm to always have the checkbox unchecked but as far as I know, these files cannot be exported so it’s not a permanent solution.

EDIT: I’ve seen quite a few issues on jira regarding this topic but they left me unsure what the current status of this is :sweat_smile:

The corresponding jira issue is Loading... and it’s still open.

Okay, I’ll be watching this issue then. For now the change in the template seems good enough, I was just wondering if there was a more “clean” solution to this.