Download issue with attachment > 2GB


I’m facing an issue with an attachment sized about 4GB. The file is well uploaded with the right size but when uploading it displays 2GB on the download windows and also after download.

I checked the XWiki attachment settigns but I didn’t find any limitation on download parameter wich can be modified.

The attachment is configured with filesystem store base.

I need help to resolve this issue

Thanks in advance for your support

Environment :

CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)
XWiki 10.11.9 & 11.8.1

Should be fixed now (will be included in 11.10 and 10.11.10) but in the meantime I think it’s just a display issue since the whole content is sent (unless some browsers cut the result even when more content keep coming).

The size of thedownload attachment is always 2GB, I used IE, Chrome and Firefox and the result is the same.XWiki_Download_issue1

OK so I guess they all follow the limit indicated in the HTTP response and skip the bonus data.