Drawer and options with unregitred user

Hi all
I 'd like to remove some items of the drawer and options for the unregistred user.
I used Flamingo and xwiki 9.8
But I did’nt find in the documention how to. I have a lot of difficulties with the rights
I’d like too use xwiki as a website but it’s probably for another post.
by advance thank you for your help

Note that this is an advanced use case and requires a good knowledge of XWiki to achieve.

This can be controlled through UI Extension Points (UIXP), see http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/DevGuide/ExtensionPoint/DrawerItem

You’ll need to understand Scripting and UIXP:

Another possible and simpler solution is indeed to set the permissions on the target pages but I don’t know if we check for permissions before displaying in the menu but if not, we should fix it and it would warrant a bug in the xwiki issue tracker.

Elements in the Drawer implement the “org.xwiki.plaftorm.drawer” extension point ID.

In order to disable some items you can change the ID to an invalid one, there is an issue related XWIKI-13076.

In order to find out what pages contain this extension point, you can use the Search. Make sure you have “Display Hidden Pages” set on TRUE, from the User Profile. After seeing hidden pages, you should Search for “Object Type” = “UI Extension”. It will result in an URL like this:
and you will see some pages (like XWiki.UserIndexUIX, XWiki.DocumentIndexUIX, etc.) that you need to edit in Object mode and change the “Extension Point ID”.

The process is quite simple, but you need to know some XWiki concepts. Hope I gave enough details. I documented the response on UIXTutorial.

Hello Thank you Vincent.
I will read the doc about UIXP before.

This wiki is very nice. I discover your plugins yesterday nigth (I’m looking for Interface about those rights)
I suggest (speciality of the beginer :wink: ) an interface for the unregistred users about rigths, but I understand that it should be tricky.

Hello Evalica. Yes! UIX Tuto before :wink: .
But I do that I will have an error msg is’nt it?

You will get an error only if the Velocity code you wrote has problems.

ok thank you