Drop backward compatibility on old Ratings API

Hi everyone,

as part of the proposal for a new Ratings API (available there: https://forum.xwiki.org/t/new-api-for-ratings/7418), there was lots of discussions about the name of the new Rating API to use, in order to preserve the backward compatibility.

Now after discussing it further, I’m now thinking that we could benefit to actually drop the backward compatibility.
So here are the two options I’m proposing, don’t hesitate to read the original proposal to see the details:

  1. We agree that it’s ok to lose backward compatibility of the old Ratings API once moved in attic: in that case, we can reuse “ratings” naming everywhere. It would mean that any developer who would have used the old API and who would want to keep using it, could do so by manually installing the old API (we would provide it with a new name, and we could still have bug fixes on it). Now the old API wouldn’t be compatible with the new one, so he wouldn’t have both API on same wiki. Pros: we keep the old name, for most user the change will be transparent. Cons: we break the backward compatibility and users of the old API won’t have any other choice on the long term than updating to the new API.

  2. We agree that we don’t want to break the backward compatibility when moving the old API to attic, and developers using the old API should be able to keep using it, along with the new API in the same wiki. In that case we don’t have any other choice than chosing a new name for this new API. And we come back on the previous debate about which name to use.

This vote is open for one week until 22nd of September. Here’s my +1 for option 1.
[Edit: since this vote still doesn’t have receive any vote I’m extending it to friday 25th of September]

I’d prefer to let users of the old Ratings API provide feedback about this first.