Duplicate versions of extensions

We’ve began using Xwiki since version 10.1, now on to 10.7.

I’m using Wiki via the official Docker image.

I have upgraded the original installation via the wizard that appears each time after the new version is detected.

I have noticed that I have duplicate versions of many extensions (see screenshot).
I would have expected over time, to have only the latest version (10.7) but instead I have the 10.1 versions and the 10.7 (nothing for the in-between, strangely enough).

In the case of the notifications app, this has caused two notifications “bells” appearing in the top bar.

I have not otherwise edited anything regarding appearance, skins, templates, etc.

When I try to remove the 10.1 version I’m only given an option to downgrade it?

To be honest this behavior is completely inexplicable and confusing to me.

I’d be grateful for any help.


Having two different versions of the same extension installed at the same time is impossible… in the same wiki. This result usually means that you have 10.7 on the main wiki and 10.1 on one (or more) of the subwikis. Click on “Show details” to see exactly on which wiki these extension are installed. You probably created a wiki a while ago and forgot about it and never upgraded it.

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@tmortagne Thank you! This has indeed solved the versioning problem.
There was an old leftover test wiki that I deleted.

Now, any ideas on why I’m still getting 2 notifications apps on the top bar whereas I have only one app installed in the extensions?