Edit a file in the docker container

hi all, I just wanted to edit the web.xml file as described here to increase the session timeout which is abysmally short and started to really annoy me :slight_smile: .

so … long story short - there is not a single file editor in the docker container. and I can’t install one, cause apt-get update is broken.

is that intentional?! cause it’s pretty, hm, impractical.


30 minutes is actually the default session timeout for servlet containers :wink:

That’s weird.

Definitely not intentional! Can you paste the errors you get? Thx

ah I just fooled around with sed which got the job done I hope. I will see if the “new” container has the same behavior.

Now it’s still not convenient to edit web.xml because it’s inside the container and when you discard it, you loose your changes. What we could do is do exactly what we do for the xwiki config files and copy them to the permanent directory so that you can edit there and have our docker container start script copy the file.

Would be great to create a jira issue at https://jira.xwiki.org/projects/XDOCKER/summary