Email or courriel in french language?

Hi !
I saw in french language that email were sometimes translated by “mail” or “email”.
Yet the french official mandatory word for email is in fact courriel, maybe we should consider using this word ?

Probably yes.

Don’t hesitate to contribute a fix on (I think you can search all occurrences of a term using Tools -> Search).

OK thanks, will do it’s quite fast to change all occurrences on Weblate. :slight_smile:

FTR I commented on before seeing that there was a thread to discuss it here.

Even though “courriel” is weird to me it seems to be the official one (see So we should probably go for it.

Now the next step is to have a place to document our translation choices so that we remember them. We used to have a place for that on the old l10n. I think we should create some pages on for that and have a message on the home of l10n asking translators to review the decisions/best practices.


I think it’s a good idea to have a “best practices” page for translators. We could link it to the home page of

Indeed, this was maybe a to fast call from me, and it could have needed some discussion.
While I was translating in french “mail” to “email”, I realized that “courriel” should be preferred.
Following Vincent’s link, I will modify the french translation of the “Mail” section of the admin page from “Courriel” to “Courriel (email)”.