Emails are sent twice or three times

Hi all,

When a user creates a blog post or writes a comment with mentions, our XWiki sends a mail at each concerned user at least 2 times, and sometimes 3.

I don’t see anything relevant in logs excepted theses lines that are loggued for mail :
[Asynchronous handler for event store [solr]] ERROR c.DefaultEventConverterManager - Failed to convert local event [event: [], source: [Optional[event = [BlogPostPublishedEvent at 2023…

Do you know which configuration could cause this behaviour ?
We have a cluster with two nodes. Same behaviour is observed even when we deactivate one node.

Configuration : XWiki V14.10.15 / MySQL 5.7 / Tomcat 9 / Cluster mode with detached Solr
Reproduced with XWiki 14.10.0 and 14.10.15



this sounds like a bug to me. It might worth opening a ticket on for it, with as much info as you can, especially about the notifications settings of the users who receives the email. Ideally post a screenshot of the notification settings for the user, what’s more important is to know the frequency settings for emails (e.g. live / daily / weekly) and which events type are enabled (e.g. all page events or not, all blogs events or not, etc).
Also could you specify if it’s happening when performing editions on main wiki or on a subwiki.

It could be related indeed, but we would need the full stacktrace you might have in the logs.

[Edit: actually while testing something else I happened to reproduce the bug so I opened Loading... don’t hesitate to add further information in comment]

This suggests there is a problem with some blog event sent to the other cluster members but hard to tell much without the complete error. From what I understand of the issue created by @surli, this is definitely not related to the double email problem, but it might worth creating a dedicated issue with more details about this blog+cluster setup and error on Loading....

DefaultEventConverterManager sdtout.log (80.7 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply.

It seems not related to blog extension as I’ve been able to reproduce it just by adding a comment with mentions on a page on a main wiki.
I’ve a cluster with two nodes, but bug has been reproduced even when a node is OFF.
Concerning frequency, all users has a live frequency, with email notifications set to ON for blog, likes, mentions and pages.

More logs attached but I don’t think they’re relevant.


In my case, graceTime is configured = 1

Ok thanks for the details, you’re most probably hitting Loading.... The fix will be released in XWiki 14.10.17.

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