Enable Forgot Password & Forgot Username in XWiki Login

I need to enable forgot password or username link in the login page.

I have manually removed some code in login.vm. Links gets enable but after clicking on that link it redirects to login page.

How can i enable forget links in login page? How can i ignore redirect to login page?

Over here is the same issue encounterd.
And don’t yet know how to solve it.
(original posting got no issue resolving answer)

Find attached a .png with two login screens.
On the lefthand side a xwiki with content, but no forgot your password button
On the righthand side an empty wiki (due fresh docker container install) with forgot button.

I think you added some rights on the XWiki space, thus affecting the pages: XWiki/ForgotUsername and XWiki/ResetPassword, that’s why they are not displayed for Unregistered Users.


got me back to “forgotten buttons”.

Thanks for the help.

However it feels strange to have
Prevent unregistered users from viewing pages, regardless of the page or space rights

There is an issue reported about this problem XWIKI-14544 . Unfortunately having so many issues to work on, this has not been prioritized yet. If you would like it to be fixed, you can at least vote for it.