Hi everyone,

I’m posting here some links about a project by Larry Sanger, co-creator of Wikipedia, that may be of interest to some of you, and to XWiki as a community. You may have noticed it already, it could be possibly relevant for XWiki to reach out? It’s dubbed Encyclosphere:

A quote from the blog post above:

We need to do for encyclopedias what blogging standards did for blogs: there needs to be an “Encyclosphere.” We should build a totally decentralized network, like the Blogosphere—or like email, IRC, blockchains, and the World Wide Web itself. The Encyclosphere would give everyone an equal voice in expressing knowledge (or claims to knowledge), and in rating those expressions of knowledge. There would be no single, central knowledge repository or authority.


Thanks @slauriere. That’s interesting.

I wonder if the ActivityPub protocol/format couldn’t be used to implement the Encyclosphere.

PS: I’ve just skimmed quickly the first link, so maybe it’s discussed already in there somewhere. Apologies if it is.

Indeed Vincent, I agree ActivityPub is likely to open possibilites along the lines of what the project is proposing. I have not seen it mentioned in the project’s discussions for now but I’m just at the beginning. A Git backend could be nice as well :–)