Error in panel after xwiki upgrade to 10.10


After updating my wiki hosted on the community farm to version 10.10, I get the following error in panel:

My right panel contains: Panels.MyRecentModifications, Panels.RecentlyVisited.

Note: you can look at this public Wiki here:


It looks like there is only one panel which returns an error after 10.10 update, it’s “MyRecentModifications”. How can I correct this velocity error? It looks like it is (again) linked to missing PR rights for my admin user on myxwiki (1)
Note: when opening the panel page => the preview content of the panel is correcly displayed (without any velocity error!).

Other short question: why all the panels are displayed under the same name “Panel Sheet” which makes the tree view completely unusable, see a partial screenshot:
Should I open a new Jira issue?

(1) error states “The execution of the [velocity] script macro is not allowed. Check the rights of its last author” even after panel page resaved.

Looks like it was requiring programming right and not just script right, I just resaved it and it looks ok.

It seems to be the title of the page in all those plugins, since they are hidden it was not really noticed before. +1 for a jira issue, should not be hard to fix by making the panel sheet use the panel name.

New Jira issue opened, see: Loading...

Thanks, it’s now working.
What is planned to prevent PR to cause bugs after each xwiki update? I’ve read, in this forum (in roadmap thread), that other users are also complaining. Could you open a “technical” Jira issue for this?

I created Loading... for this specific use case.

BTW I’m trying to maintain a list of pages requiring PR here:

When one is discovered please add it. Would be great to create a jira issue for each and link the issue in this list.

So the panel does not need programming right at all actually but we have an important bug in the way script right is evaluated. It has been made visible by the asynchronous execution of that panel. See Loading... for more details.