Error showing the Mocca calendar


I use v2.7.3
I’ve just realized I cannot display nor edit events for any calendar.
(Somehow it was working before…)

For example when clicking on the calendar menu

Error: Script error for “jquery”, needed by: fullcalendar require.min.js:7:290
enter resource://devtools/server/actors/utils/event-loop.js:118
enter self-hosted:1007
_pushThreadPause resource://devtools/server/actors/thread.js:187
onExceptionUnwind resource://devtools/server/actors/thread.js:1603
onExceptionUnwind self-hosted:1011

and when on the calendar

Error: Script error for “jquery”, needed by: fullcalendar require.min.js:7:290

Please give a hand !


Can you confirm that you have on your instance FullCalendar dependecy version 2.1.9 and not 2.2?
This could have been updated through another application or manually and the minimum supported version for this application is 2.1.9.


Dear Oana,

Here is the screenshot for the versions of the extensions. It’s 2.1.9, but should I update manually to 2.2, or absolutely not ?
Then what is your advice ?
Many thanks !


Hi Caroline,

You should definitely not, since this application supports for now 2.1.9. I just wanted to be sure that this upgrade was not the source of your error.

Also, you are using the last version of Mocca Calendar. You reproduced this errors since you did the upgrade? Or everything worked fine after you did it?

Thanks !
In fact I updated mocca to try and fix the problem, but I had it before ! And I still have it unfortunately.

Maybe @ClemensRobbenhaar has an idea

Oh, this looks strange. Basically the error message complains that the calendar is missing the required “jQuery” library.

This should be available as (where I think it is indeed available). However when the browser is trying to load it, this creates a javascript error. As jQuery should be pretty cross-browser compatible, I find this quite unexpected.

Does this error appear when editing a blog post, too? (The selection of the categories a blog post is associated with also depends on jQuery, although this is only optional - I think selecting categories for a blog entry works in any case, just adding new categories on the fly does not.)

Can you tell us which browser you are using?
Maybe there is something in a very recent browser version that breaks jQuery.