Export Application (AppWithinMinutes) and their underlying Children

i’m trying to move an existing xwiki (XWiki 10.6.1) to a new installation (Xwiki 12.1).
The existing xwiki is composed by both pages in some kind of structure as well by 2 applications within minutes with approx. 20 children each.
we’ve been trying to export those apps (simple forms), but when we import them into the new xwiki installation, only an aged version of the Main page is imported. and no children.

  1. how can i check whether i have an issue with the export or the import
  2. how can i make sure that the code of the app is exported too

i hope i’m not being redundant and thank you for any help!



First you don’t need to export anything to upgrade XWiki. It’s really simplest to just upgrade as on https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Upgrade

Could you try that?



thank you kindly for your answer.

i’m planning to move to a completely new infrastructure, and “land” on a newer version of xwiki - hence the export - import effort (also because: mindboggingly over-complicated IT here :exploding_head:)
Are you suggesting we should upgrade first, then move?

That would be a good idea IMO. How do you plan to move the content? I guess you’ll need to copy the permanent directory + export only modified pages (make sure you don’t include default pages, xwiki does that automatically on newish versions).

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For the Upgrading the existing i fear i’ll have to wait for next year, but i think can check the case of exporting only non standard pages sooner than that in my own :grinning:
In any case i will provide feedback!

hello - and happy belated new year.

we are (slooowly) moving toward migrating to the same version of the wiki and then do the upgrade to V12.
my questions:

  1. i tested the migration and when importing the xar into the new instance of xwiki, i got a message like this “856 pages imported, 0 skipped, 833 errors” and i was a bit o_O puzzled. Is there a way to make sure that everything has been imported correctly? or a check on the count of pages? i googled but couldn’t find anything particular. is there a skript i can use for checking the count of pages and timestamps in the old and new installation for sake of peace of mind? (note: i can’t have the admin tool application installed)
  2. which import options do you suggest? i will import the xwiki pages to an empty wiki, but i could also try to import again and again after that first time?
  • radio buttons: Add a new version to the existing page (if different) / Replace the page history with the history from the package / Reset history to version 1.1
  • checkbox: Import as backup package --> gives me this error

thank you for your help!