Export > Import Global Administration folder

Have two Pi computers running two standard XWIKI 12.6 installation, Pi.Production and Pi.Backup

When I create EXPORT on Pi.Production I use “created and modified pages” and select all. This option does select some folders/pages from the XWIKI folder (like Page Administrations [groups] [profile] default xwiki skin. Specifically it does NOT select Global Administration folder even though changes have been made to the default.

QUESTION 1. Is it correct that Global Administration is not selected

QUESTION 2. Assume I had an export .xar with only Global Administration folder AND I imported Global Administration to/in the PI.Backup. Would the import work and/or would it corrupt the Pi.Backup installation?

QUESTION 3. I tried to cheat on an export and I used :Select from: All Pages with the none option. Then went to XWIKI folder and found Global Administration and checked it for export. When I checked for export the XWIKI folder also had a check mark and if I continue I get the whole XWIKI folder backed up and not just the Global Administration.

Is this a bug (that I can not export only the XWIKI folder Global Administration) or is this the design?


If you see the “Global Administration” page listed when the “Created and modified pages” filter is applied then it means this page was modified so you can choose to select it or not for export.

If you don’t see the “Global Administration” page listed when the “Created and modified pages” filter is applied then it means this page was not modified. Not all the changes you do from the Wiki Administration are stored in the “Global Administration” page itself. In fact, most of the settings you change from the Wiki Administration are stored in other pages. You can check /xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?viewer=history by comparing with the “factory” version.

QUESTION 2. Assume I had an export .xar with only Global Administration folder AND I imported Global Administration to/in the PI.Backup. Would the import work and/or would it corrupt the Pi.Backup installation?

If we’re talking about the same XWiki version then there shouldn’t be any problem exporting and importing the “Global Administration” page.

I have no problem exporting only the “Global Administration” page. Selecting this page doesn’t select the XWiki page, it just puts the XWiki page in undetermined state, meaning that it is neither selected nor deselected (because some of its child pages are selected).

Thank you for your help.

I assumed that any of the information entered vis 'Global Administration" would be in a page inside this folder. I followed the link and had a look at the changes – all 120 of them. It is a mystery to me why it did not select two days ago. This morning I used the created & modified option to export pages and today I did get the Global Administrator inside the Xwiki folder. I was able to export just that folder.

As I mentioned I have two identical Pi computers (Pi.production and Pi.backup) both running 12.6.1

When I export from Pi.production using select from created and changed and import to Pi.backup then it appears that pages are exported/imported EXCEPT some of the information entered in Global Administration is not imported. For example (export Pi.production and import Pi.backup):.

  • Authentication
  • Rights
  • History
  • Extensions
  • Themes for Flamingo (export Marina / import stayed at iceberg)
  • Descriptor
  • Mail Sending Status
  • Mail Sending (export had data / import blank)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (export default = CEditor / import —)
  • Edit Mode (make page title field mandatory field (export Yes / import No)
  • Office Server (server port (export 8100.0 / import blank) and several more different
  • Localization (multilingual) export Yes / import No
  • Page Templates (available) export 12 items / import 9 items)
  • Presentation (show page annotations) export — / import No
  • Navigation Panel export and import pages are different in many places
  • Application Panel (applications in the bar) export 12 or them import 10 of them
  • Panels export right column / import Both columns :: export width Large / import width Midium several more

Logo export different than import
footer export different than import

What I am trying to achieve is that after export from Pi.production to Pi.backup Xwiki is identical to the user (except one is port 8081 and other is port 8082).

And it sounds like exporting / importing Global Settings folder will not bring necessary data. How can I mirror Xwiki Pi.production with Pi.backup.

Thanks very much for your help



I have been working and testing and solved one of the problems.

Logo and base colours
To export/import the logo, base colours from Pi.production to Pi.backup I used the export from created and modified pages. then select none and then find the “Themes for Flamingo” folder and select the three subfolders including Marina (which is what the site is)

After I exported Theme for Flamingo to Pi.backup the logo was updates to be the same as Pi.production and also the base colours, typography, tables etc. So this WORKS as expected.

I have been unable to find the source (I have searched www and xwiki site) for the description of the various fields in Themes for Flamingo. For example @navbar-default-bg or @xwiki-page-content-bg. Can you post a link please?

Export / Import of Global Administration

On Pi.production I exported using ‘created and modified pages’, select none and then locate Global Administration inside the Xwiki folder. Select none again and then selected only Global Administration’. Created the .xar with one folder.

Then started the import into the Pi.backup and discovered, to my surprise, that there is one and only one folder in the import display and that is XwikiPreferences

Is this correct export Global Administration converts to XwikiPreferences on an import? Bug? I was expecting to see multiple pages for each of the Global Administration tabs/subjects.??

Export/Import of Pi.production to Pi.backup

The purpose of the export/import was to backup Pi.production to Pi.backup using the export/import feature. After the import completed on Pi.backup I opened both Pi.production and Pi.backup side by side, Global Administration on both computes in order to compare Pi.production values to Pi.backup values. Most of the time the pages agreed. Some, perhaps, because I never changed the setting and so it default to default. Here is a list of the Global Administration: xxxxxx that matched (which is good and expected):

Panels, Groups, Users, Rights, User Profile, User Directory, Syntaxes, Edit Mode, WYSIWYG Editor, Syntax Highlighting, Name Strategies, Advanced, Search, Search Suggest, Descriptor, Creation Right, CAPTCHA and Descriptor.

The following, however, there were differences and that is a concern (except in obvious cases).

  1. Global Administration : Home / Other >>> Task Manager, Forums and Blog appear on Pi.production but not on Pi.backup. Task Manager (not Forum or Blog) run on the Pi.backup – why are Forums and blog not on Pi.Backup— why not exported. [[I can not remember installing Task Manager on Pi.production but I may have.

  2. Application Panel: there are 12 on Pi.production and only 10 on Pi.backup. Blog and Forums are on Pi.production but not on Pi.backup.

  3. Navigation Panel: there are 25 items on Pi.production and 30 items on Pi.backup. 5 more on Pi.production. They should be identical??

  4. Authentication: Pi.production Enabled; Pi.backup Disabled. Why?

  5. Mail Sending: Pi.production boxes completed. Pi.backup all boxes blank. Why? (I can understand why, but there is no warning anywhere that these two are not identical)

  6. Mail Sending Status: entirely different

  7. Office Server: Pi.production server.port and other data. Pi.backup is all blank. (I note that this data are configured on the server, in xwiki.properties ) and hence it make sense it is not exported

  8. Invitation: Pi.production SMTP has a host name but not Pi.production stays as localhost.

  9. Notifications: Pi.production has Blog as an application. Pi.production does not have Blog (which makes sense because it is not installed).


I know that Forums, Blog and Task Manager are applications. Are applications not exported? If not, then every time there is a backup, Forums, Blog and Task Manager must be installed on Pi.backup using application manager??

On Pi.production Blog is located in main or home directory
On Pi.production Forums is located in main or home directory
On Pi.production Task Manager is located in main or home directory

On Pi.backup Task Manager in Main and Forums and Blog do not exist even though they are on the export list.!


Why would the pages / content of main or home directory not be exported?

On the start of an export on Pi.production using created and modified pages I can see Task Manager, Blog and ForumCode and Forums and so would it not be reasonable to assume they are being exported?

Where can I find the documentation that details what is exported (Forums and Blog

Thanks very much