Extend Navigation Bar

Hi guys.
Might be an easy to be answered question.
Is there a config possibility to show more Main-Topics on the navtree without
that indication “x”-more?


WDYM by “navtree”? Can you post a screenshot?

If you’re talking about the Navigation Panel, see the limit parameter for the document tree macro: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Document%20Tree%20Macro#HParameters


If you’re referring to the breadcrumb, it’s not configurable and it’s hardcoded right now.

Would be nice to open a jira issue about this BTW. Could you do that?

Right now what you could is create a custom skin and extend hierarchy_macros.vm. This is the part that concerns the limit:

    #set ($treeParams = {
      'class': 'breadcrumb-tree',
      'limit': 10,
      'links': true,
      'openTo': $openToId,
      'root': $rootId,
      'showTranslations': $xwiki.isMultiLingual(),
      'showWikis': $showWikis

Limit is 10 by default.

Hi Vincent,

again thank you for your very fast replies. i mean the main navigatree on the lft pagedesign.
Picture attached. com%20-%20Outlook
Where do i have access to the options of the tree macro which is used here?

Ok so that’s the Navigation Panel. Just edit the panel and set the limit property that I mentioned.

See https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Panels%20Application to find the panel.

Yup…that did the trick!=) Thx again Vincent.
I asked the question already but im curious if there might be any update.
Is there a chance or workaround to sort the navigation on a custom base without using the alphanumerical system. I would love to do my own sorting of the main navigation topics without putting numbers in front…


Not that I know of, cc @mflorea

See Loading... . There’s no way to configure the order ATM. Starting with XWIKI-15260 you can drag & drop the pages from the navigation tree (in the dedicated Administration section) but the order is not saved ATM (only the list of excludes / includes is saved).