Extension manager: update stucked on myxwiki.org + little display bug


My wiki on myxwiki.org is stucked while updating extensions to 10.9 (see message below) + there is an additional parenthesis caracter (should I report a “little” bug in Jira?):

This might be caused by a MyXWiki crash, did you try to reload the page ?

I don’t understand. Your screenshot is from the Extension > History section. What are you trying to do there? And the message is expected: it tells you that there is another extension job running. In your case the User Directory Application is currently being installed on wiki “tutos”. I suppose it’s you that triggered this install job isn’t it?

The additional ) is harmless. I removed it in [misc] Remove extra ) · xwiki/xwiki-platform@47390a0 · GitHub .


Many thanks for your answers.

Update is still running on myxwiki (since yesterday night):

Marius thanks for the “)” removal.

Sounds like something else is running in that wiki like @mflorea suggested. Maybe you started an install and it is waiting for your answer because of some conflict.

Go to https://tutos.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/admin/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?section=XWiki.Extensions&search=xwiki-platform-user-directory-ui&repo=local. Looks like you left too fast.

Thanks, extension has been updated (at last) and I could proceed with the update of other extensions to 10.9.

Both reported issues are now fixed. Thanks again for your quick help.

@mflorea @tmortagne: you may be right, the extension update process may be stucked because XWiki was waiting for a user response.

What may have occured:

  • user launch extensions update
  • user navigate in extensions update list while still updating … and is faced to bug Loading... … Xwiki never displays any “prompt” for extension update and becomed stucked.

My 2 screenshots above are showing that an update is still running but when “the current extension update prompt” is lost, user is never asked again.

What do you think about this explanation? How can we prevent this case to happen?

Note: I don’t know in my particular case how the extension update ended (timeout, mywiki.org restart?).

Not exactly, it’s just that it’s not linked to the user but to the context so to get the question you need to look at the extension. That’s the link I gave you but you did not had time to see it because of a myxwiki restart.

Is it possible to add a direct link to the extension somewhere (for instance in the page of my first screen shot)? So user can “re-answer” / solve conflicts if they happen during extension update?

Do I need to create a new Jira issue?

The following issues address the same problem: Loading..., Loading....

@tmortagne Thanks, it looks like a lot of XWiki bugs / improvements are already known and reported in Jira.

Before adding new suggestion or reporting bugs I may first spend some time to search in Jira then ask here in the forum if creating a new Jira issue is appropriate … most of the time it may just end with adding comments on existing issues the community will point me to :blush:.