Extension repository request for macro-card

Hi, I would like to contribute an extension that will allow to display cards which can contains links, something like this:

I’m not sure about the name of the macro, I suggest macro-card, but if you have any others ideas, please let me know. Also, can you please create me a repository on xwiki-contrib and a JIRA project?

Hi, in order to help pick a name:

  • how would you use the macro? ie how do you specify the contents of the cards?
  • What would be the name of the macro?

At first sight, it seems like this could be a livetable display mode (card view).

I guess doing it at the LT macro is more complex and is something we need to plan in the generic LT 2.0 requirements. @mflorea could you confirm it’s listed in the requirements for it BTW? :slight_smile: (the ability to have several layouts: table layout, card layout, etc).



So, yes, its displaying mode seems more like a LT functionality (the card macro is using two another integrated macros for displaying it using on rows and cols). From this point of view, it seems like an integration to LT makes more sense. Also, from what I know, the new LT will be based on JS, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to integrate it with some velocity macros.

From another point of view, it makes more sense to split the card macro (one that is responsible for displaying a content using a layout - bootstrap rows/cols) and one that will display the card - which can eventually used in the LT.

It is.