Extension Updater does not find new Markdown extension?

I just upgraded Xwiki LTS to 13.10.7, and the updater said that all extensions were at the latest versions.

I was confused as I have Markdown installed, and have not yet updated to 8.8.

So I cross-checked in the extension details, and it says 8.7 is installed and available:


Therefore, I cross checked with the extension updater in the Xwiki admin frontend again, and it still says that there’s nothing to update:


Does anyone here know a meaningful explanation for this?

(Addendum: Manually updating the extension through the extension manager worked, even though the extension updater stated that all extensions were up to date. So looks to me as if I cannot rely on the extension updater and regularly have to go through all installed extensions manually to check if there’s any new version / release available? Looks to me like a bug in the updater?)

The reason is that the ID of this extension changed from syntax-markdown-markdown12 to syntax-markdown-commonmark12. The difference is that the updater could not find any new version for id syntax-markdown-markdown12 but syntax-markdown-commonmark12 descriptor comes with the previous id as metadata so that Extension Manager knows what to replace.

Does this often happen for extensions, or is this a rare exception?

(Just to know how much to rely on auto-update, and how often one should manually check if the installed extensions are still being updated or are somehow “cut off” due to such an ID change.)

It’s supposed to be rare (partly because of this kind of consequence).

Now while it’s not really possible to do better for a Maven repository, there could be ways to improve relocation support in an XWiki repository (like extensions.xwiki.org) but it’s not very high in the TODO list…