Extensions don't get loaded

Hi there! Has anyone had problems with loading up extensions right at the beginning of install wizard ? I don’t see any extensions. I would assume , my docker container doesn’t have access to the internet . HAs anyone fixed this problem ?

From our install documentation:

Sometimes the Flavor is NOT displayed immediately and it appears that there is no flavor available. This can have two causes:

a) There is no access to extensions.xwiki.com, store.xwiki.com and maven.xwiki.com
b) This is a display glitch → type something into the field “Search in the flavors”, hit Enter, and then “Back and select a flavor” button


Just refreshing your browser should have the same effect.

From my memory, it is not. It will end up in the exact same empty list if Refresh/Ctrl+R or F5 is used (on Windows)… same with back/forward button of the browser …