Failed to load license file at [null]

Hi folks.

Today i updated from 13.10 to 14.10. Now i get this error in the logs

2023-01-02 21:52:16,121 [main] ERROR DefaultExtensionLicenseManager - Failed to load license file at [null]
Jan  2 21:52:16 xwiki01 java.lang.NullPointerException: null
Jan  2 21:52:16 xwiki01 at org.xwiki.extension.internal.DefaultExtensionLicenseManager.initialize(
Jan  2 21:52:16 xwiki01 at org.xwiki.component.embed.InitializableLifecycleHandler.handle(
Jan  2 21:52:16 xwiki01 at org.xwiki.component.embed.EmbeddableComponentManager.createInstance(
Jan  2 21:52:16 xwiki01 at org.xwiki.component.embed.EmbeddableComponentManager.getComponentInstance(

I already search for a license file in the permanent directory without any luck

Could you help me ?

best regards,



this is a regression we’re aware about related to Tomcat 9.0.70, you can follow the status of the issue here: Loading.... It should not impact using your wiki to our knowledge, but in any case we’re working on it.


Hi @surli

Thank you for your info. I’ll have a look at the progress of this bug report.