Failure on first connection to fresh install (xwiki-tomcat9-mysql) (Ubuntu Server 20.04)

On a new server running Ubuntu 20.04, I have installed xwiki-tomcat9-mysql following the instructions given in the docs. I’m now trying to connect and start with the distribution wizard, but a 500 error is thrown when connecting. I’ve been struggling to figure out what the cause of this issue is, so any help would be appreciated.

I’ve dropped the server response here and a full log can be found here.

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Looks to me like something in the alias naming

65. Failed to locate XWiki.XWikiServerClass document for wiki alias []

… but im no expert by any means!

I attempted to access via localhost, but I received the same errors in response (localhost in place of in the response). Is there another way I should rule out alias issues?

Update: I ran the MySQL sanity check script. It showed no errors.

As of now I’ve switched and installed xwiki via docker. This seems to work now, but I would love to know what the issue was with xwiki-tomcat9-mysql

Just naming some things I’d look at;

did you set xwiki_home in /etc/xwiki/xwiki.cfg ?
also wondering how your catalina folder is set up in /etc/tomcat9/
and finally your settings in /etc/tomcat9/server.xml

and generally go by any change you did to the default setup - cause it runs out of the box on a clean linux.

I appreciate the response, however I decided to switch to Ubuntu Server 22.04 and reinstall. Default setup of xwiki-tomcat9-mysql works perfectly now! Not quite sure what the issue was previously, but the new install seemed to solve it.

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