Feature Request "confirmed reading"

Hello XWiki Forum,
I’m new to XWIKI, may be the feature exists, but so far I haven’t found it.

So here it is:
Let me call it “confirmed reading”

Mark a page to be confirmed to be read by a certain group of users.
This will show a button at the end of the page, to the applicable users, to confirm the reading of the page.
Reporting: Show a list of the users group, who has read the page and who has not yet.

Let’s say a warehouse operator of a chemical company need to read an instruction, what to do in a chemical incident.
The wiki can provide the know-how article and will ask the warehouse operator to actively confirm, he has read the instructions.

It overlaps with requirements of a learning platform, but a company knowledge base is a lot about learning anyway, in my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.
Best regards,