Filter / Sort access rights

Is it somehow possible, on the admin site of a page, to filter/sort the access right groups and users?

If you have a lot of users and groups and you have granted e.g. write access rights for a group Football, it would be nice to sort the write access right so that on top of the list the groups are listed which have the write access (Football in my example).

Is this already possible somehow or is this a feature request?

How are others make sure to have valid access rights in a large installation with many groups and users?

… this is work in progress:

For now, I use a wiki page to track the permission. To enforce permissions, I “block” accidental inheritance, I assign an empty group with all the permissions on the level I would like to enforce the permissions.

As for any structure, it is important to keep it simple …

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yes! this would be great to have in xwiki.

Is there a page or would it possible to have a hidden page which shows the access rights of a page? Currently, is pretty hard to see which users/groups have access to a site or not.

It’s not done, see Loading...

yes, when will it be done?
Is there a workaround?

No idea. The way open source works is that features are implemented or bugs are fixed when someone sponsors them (whether it’s someone paying out of his/her own free time or a company paying someone to work on it). Right now, all I can tell you is that I haven’t heard anyone being active on this.

If this is important for you and you need it sooner than later, you could sponsor the feature. There are some companies accepting sponsorships such as XWiki SAS, see

Of course if you have the technical knowledge you could also submit a Pull Request (PR) and the XWiki committers will gladly review your PR and merge it if it’s good enough (

I don’t know. To check the permissions at all levels manually.
Maybe do as mentioned above: Filter / Sort access rights - #2 by Beat_Burgener

Maybe someone else has another idea?