Flamingo Theme: Pages don't match with Preview

Hello everyone,
As I try to get familiar with XWiki, I wanted to create a new theme. On Themes for Flamingo I created a new theme called “MPT”. Now I set some colors etc. The preview looks quite nice, but the some seetings aren’t applied on the pages. For example the panel-bg: I chose #c9c9c9. The preview displays the gray background, on the homepage the background is white. The bg-color of some Buttons is also different.

Can anyone help me? Did anyone experienced something similar before?


Best regards,

This is how the MainPage (and all other pages) looks like:

This is how the preview looks like:

Did you try to clear your browser cache?

YES! I found some websites which suggest to clear the cache.

Does it work now?

Nope. I wouldn’t have posted this question if it worked. :wink: I wonder why some settings work and others don’t.

btw, I use the standalone version.

Thank you very much for always answering within minutes! :smiley: i really appreciate your help as I’m a newbie.

Changing to other themes doesn’t lead to any problem. Everything is displayed as it should be.

ofc but you said “YES!” which could have been understood as “yes it works now”.

Sorry I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

haha. I see. my bad!

OK! I’ll post the solution if I manage to solve the issue.

Getting the same problem, any update in the preview is not matching the theme when saving. Found any solution?