Folder xwiki-temp fills up the disk


I am running XWiki 9.4 on Tomcat 8 and on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Since a month, I am noticing that the disk of the xwiki fills up very quickly and I realized
the source of the problem is the “xwiki-temp” Tomcat folder:

I delete the content of this folder (images, .js, .css, etc.) immediately, but over time the folder fills back up and needs to be cleared out again.

Is a problem or is there some configuration I need to update about ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mauri,

Yes it is :slight_smile: You should see some warning about it when you start XWiki.


Hope it helps

hmm actually your problem might not be the permanent directory.

Yes I confirm it’s not the permanent directory. It’s just that XWiki uses a temporary directory to store temporary files. That’s normal.

FYI this is what is used:

        this.systemTmpDir = new File(System.getProperty(""), "xwiki-temp");

XWiki doesn’t clean this directory. You’d need to perform some actions like cleaning it up when you restart XWiki or regularly.

Indeed I installed and published the wiki for more than one year, but this problem started a month ago.


Resolved. A spiderbot got a loop on a page of the wiki, so it wrote temporary files in the xwiki-temp folder and it fulled the disk. I blocked the spiderbot in robots.txt, and the problem is vanishing…