Font Awesome 5 Icon Theme 1.1 released

We have launched an experimental release for the Font Awesome 5 icon set.

Here is a small preview of the theme:

You can access the code at

You can read the documentation at

The icon theme maps 464 icons from the Solid style.

The big difference between version 4.7.0 and this new 5.0.1 version is the ability to use the icons also in SVG format. Besides this, the new font provides less icons because of the style split (Solid, Regular, Light) (464 icons instead of 786).

We provide 4 different ways to use the icon theme:

  • IconThemes.FontAwesome.Font: Web Font with CSS
  • IconThemes.FontAwesome.SVGJS: SVG with JS
  • IconThemes.FontAwesome.SVGSprite: SVG Sprites
  • IconThemes.FontAwesome.SVGRaw: SVG files in raw format

This is a great opportunity to test the new FA5 icon set and let us know if the SVG format advantages justifies the loss in number of icons and if we should integrate in XWiki Platform this new version or just keep the current / old one.

I see there are 10 active installs for this extensions on Contrib. I would be curious to know which version of the FA5 you are using: the font, the svg+js, svgsprite or the raw.
Currently I don’t see reasons why we would switch to version 5 (drop in the number of icons available) or to the SVG version, since the font version is performant (small size) and works pretty well.