Force an attachment to download

how can i force attachments to download, if i click on it? On .docx format, the file starts to download, but on other files like .os the file opens in a new tab.
How can i change the settings there?

Look for and in your file.

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is this documented on somewhere?

Where is file default located on a Debian Server with xWiki?

Only in the release notes, . See .


Ironically my Changes don’t work even if i reboot the server.

#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Attachment
#-# [Since 5.2M2]
#-# Define the kind of attachment that can be displayed inline. You can either choose to do it through a whitelist (only
#-# the mimetypes defined in this list would be displayed inline) or a blacklist (every mimetype that is not in this list
#-# would be displayed inline if possible)
#-# By default we use the following whitelist (coma separated list of values).,audio/L24,audio/mp4,audio/mpeg,audio/ogg,audio/vorbis,audio/vnd.rn-realaudio,audio/vnd.wave,audio/webm,image/gif,image/jpeg,image/pjpeg,image/png,image/svg+xml,image/tiff,text/csv,text/plain,text/xml,text/rtf,video/mpeg,video/ogg,video/quicktime,video/webm,video/x-matroska,video/x-ms-wmv,video/x-flv,text/os