Form data to page template content

i’m trying to setup a form page to capture say 5-10 user inputs and then on click have those values pushed to an existing page template that has a mix of fixed text content and placeholder variables that the input data would link to. Then the page would get saved from the template to a new page. i went thru the FAQ tutorial and also tried applying the code below to do this but neither really fit. the FAQ takes the “question” and “answer” into objects without any other page content present in the template. The other method below allows for content to be added but only the first line ("MyText) and it replaces anything that was pre-exsiting on the page. i need it to “append” not replace and i need to be able to do multiple lines.

#set ($mydoc = $xwiki.getDocument(${request.MyPage}))
#set ($discard = $mydoc.setContent(${request.MyText}))
#set ($discard = $