Forum category for listing an XWiki-based website?

Hi devs,

What about adding a category on the forum to let our users promote/list a website implemented using XWiki as a reference of what can be done with XWiki?

We have and that’s where it should all end up but most users don’t edit/add entries on this page unfortunately. I’m wondering if having a category on the forum would help for that. Ofc it would contain a link to this page and suggest to use it. But we could also allow them to the category and we would collect the data to add entries on ourselves (I’m volunteering to do the work).


My thinking is that with the job board idea + this one, it would have allowed for ex the covid19 guy to do 2 things:

  • ask for help in the job board
  • promote/list his xwiki instance once it’s done, with some screenshots, explanations.
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Sounds good.

Sounds good. If we get lucky that might also get use some more insight on how XWiki is used in practice.

Done, at last!

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 11.00.38