French translation for "email"

Hi everyone,

there was a debate recently in a pull request related to a change on a translation concerning the translation “email” in french, see:

The related translation key is: XWiki Platform/XWiki.Notifications.Code.Translations — French @ Weblate An email is sent to you regularly with a summary …

Basically the discussion was about which form should we use for the word:

  • e-mail
  • courriel
  • mail

We should have consistency in the UI so it’s better if we have an agreement on the word to use.
Note that once we decide which word should be used, we should probably put that in the glossary: XWiki Platform/XWiki Platform — English @ Weblate Email so that we can rely on it in other translations.


I think there’s also:

  • mél

You mean fr-FR or fr-CA or another French? :slight_smile:

My preference goes to courriel which is the only one accepted by Académie française AFAIK (yes it was invented by Canadians initially) and is used more and more in written French (even if I agree most people still use mail when talking, but it’s changing too in the media).

It exists but, from what I understand while ready various articles on the subject, is not made for this context (see for example Mail, e-mail ou mel ? Quelle formulation utiliser ? - Cleanfox or Courriel ou Mél ?).

fr is the same as fr_FR in XWiki currently, we don’t provide any fr_CA yet

What do other well known collaboration web app/web sites use? For example:

  • confluence
  • google docs
  • github
  • etc

My preferences, without any other inputs than my personnal usage :blush:, go to:

  1. e-mail (or even email)
  2. courriel


I checked alternative translations of this word. And the most appropriate of these variants would be courriel. Also, I can provide you with an example of usage: from English, “Follow the instructions in that email to activate email forwarding.” → to French " Suivez les instructions dans ce courriel pour activer le transfert de courriel."

  • e-mail
  • courriel
  • courrier électronique
  • messagerie
  • message
  • adresse courriel
  • emailing
  • mél